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 Sabeta Sama, On the Air!

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PostSubject: Sabeta Sama, On the Air!   Sabeta Sama, On the Air! EmptyWed Apr 07, 2010 6:20 pm

Good day, I'm one of the co-creators of the Judgment Knights. I've been wanting a league of my own after being a part of a few others for a while, and Kaiser here gave me a reason to make it. My main skill lies in the realm of Pokemon, and within that field my favorite teams are always Weather. I'm quite faschinated with the sky, and the weather. In the Duel Monsters realm I am also quite proficient, and I always love a good duel. (One memorable one was a duel in which I had brought my opponent down to 500 LP by my second turn, and he spent the next three making an amazing comeback [to which i still won, but it was freakin' awesome]) Another thing about myself. I tend to speak in little side tangents (like this). Most of the time you can ignore them (such as any of the previous ones [that includes this one too]), but I usually include random little tidbits. So then, a little about myself.

I like
~Luna (My Girlfriend)
~Pokemon (Popular RPG game, kinda like a cock fight, but cooler)
~Yu-Gi-Oh! (Popular Chilren's card game in which the fate of the world hangs in the balance)
~LOST (umm, think Gilligan's Island, but with a plot...and a smoke monster)
~Megaman (Samus' secret boyfriend, he lives in EM Wave Space, so they don't talk often)
~Mario (You need me to describe mario to you? What, you live under a fat italian rock all this time or something?)
~Kingdom Hearts (Disney and Final Fantasy had some sort of illegitimate bastard child)
~Sonic (Multiple animals all dropping acid)

Umm, that should be it for the things i like. Oh yes, my favorite things concerning yugioh

Things I dislike
~Hypocrits (Smoking women: Smoking is bad, don't do it.)
~Stupid people (wewt mijitcrp is teh Pwnz0rx)
~Extreme arrogance (Usually this is only bad if its teamed up with the previous two)

Hmm, so yeah, that's all you really need to know bout me. Oh, if its relavent i suppose you should know I'm 18, and male. Hope enjoy the site.
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Yami-no Kaiser
Yami-no Kaiser

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Sabeta Sama, On the Air! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sabeta Sama, On the Air!   Sabeta Sama, On the Air! EmptyWed Apr 07, 2010 8:53 pm

I thought your favorite duel was the one with the Bootleg transformers rejects, (in which they won)
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Sabeta Sama, On the Air!
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