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 Yo Kaiser has arrived!!!

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Yami-no Kaiser
Yami-no Kaiser

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Yo Kaiser has arrived!!! Empty
PostSubject: Yo Kaiser has arrived!!!   Yo Kaiser has arrived!!! EmptyWed Apr 07, 2010 9:22 pm

Hello all Im Yami-no Kaiser or also known on other sites as Cyber Kaiser. I am a co creater of this site. Most of the work was done by Sabeta yet the idea and some of the ambition was on my behalf. If I were to contrast myself to anyone it would be my pal Sabeta. He deals in pokemon like a real master and is a proficent duelist were as my power is strongest with the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG and my pokemon skills lead much to be desired. I am a very headstrong individual. I act first thing third and I lost whatever was inbetween.

BTW: I guess I you ought to know im 16 and male, but through my childish bravado I am quite mature.

Now on to some tidbits about myself:
1.I love my girlfriend Lizzy <3
2.I believe all duelmonster cards are good given the right deck to compliment it
3.Having fun is the purpose of everything I do here. (I suggest you follow that example)
4.I encourage debate (its very healthy, like total brand cereal)
5.Im a big Final Fantasy nerd, Especially FF VII (Hail Sephiroth)
6.Favorite anime is Between Gundam Seed Destiny and Escaflowne
7.Favorite Manga is Fooly Cooly!!!

I frown upon:
1.Being errogant and below the class of Obelisk blue or Gym Leader.
2.Debates that go like (Well If I dust Tornado this and pull that then totally beat your combo etc....) Duel/Battle debates begin with high probability scenarios and end with a duel/battle before things get annoying
3.Disrespect towards women......sorry fellas suck it up
4.Dishonorable bashing of any kind (Cyber Bullies will not be tolerated)
5.Bad Sports...........GTFO!!!

As your admin I wish you all the best of luck and plz remember to have fun ok. I am your Steel Type Gym leader of Kagane City and I am also the the lead procter for Pro duelist status on here aswell whichever path you may choose I look forward to your challenge so Chazz it up, and see if you got what it takes to be a master.
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Yo Kaiser has arrived!!!
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